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You are a cat with magic powers, stranded on a cursed island. Spiteful dogs are lurking in every corner and a fateful evil is about to emerge from the darkness. ZpellCatz is a magical Action RPG set in a colorful fantasy world.

Play it your way

The best way to fight evil? Your way! Choose a combination of hero class and path to best match your favored style of combat. Let your cat look the way you want to by picking from a wide selection of colors and garments.

Build your hero

Enjoy a multitude of ways to increase the power of your cat hero. Manage two skill trees, loot items, craft items, enchant items, refine gems, find permanent stat bonuses and more.

Help the townsfolk

The residents of the Greencat Village have lots of problems that need to be solved. Do you prefer rushing through the story by completing main quests only, or do you take the extra mile to gain impactful rewards from optional quests? Your choice.

ZpellCatz is in active development for the upcoming months. Do you want to follow us on our journey?

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